update: 3/26/10: Stop rping porn you pervs


That's right, all of it, not just parts you want to read

Things to note:
Terms of use:
By using this site, you agree to:
- post entries, comments, and profile images that are reasonably work safe.
- not post anything illegal.
- not post any sort of discriminatory, defamatory, or hateful images or language.
- not infringe upon the enjoyment of the site by others.
- keep civil and to not purposefully incite or import unnecessary drama.
You agree that you will not be given advance warning if an entry is deleted or your account banned.
You agree that the terms may change at any time in the future, and that you must abide by them if they do.

The decision on whether a term has been violated is at the sole but reasonable discretion of the administrators.

Failure to abide by these terms will result in the deletion of the offending entry, and possibly the ban of the offending user.

Other rules and or tl;dr versions:

This will not affect most of you but just keep these in mind.
- This is a blogging tool, not your personal request station. Please refrain from posting no-content request/prompt entries if you're not willing to put forth an effort yourself.
- Don't whore for comments, eg. "Please leave me many comments".
- Keep the self-promoting URLs to your "about" page, your links section, and LCC. Keep entries begging people to go to your site or social networking profile, and entries instructing people to click your links in LCC.
- No malicious links in your link section. You know what these are. Any user with a blog containing malicious links will be banned.
- No genitalia or graphic depictions of lewd acts (ie porn). Clarification: Porn is not ok, even when no genitalia are explicitly shown.
- No drama, dammit. Unironically posting "I HATE [insert individual/group here]" or "[insert individual/group here] GET OUT" causes drama. No. Don't do it.
- Don't make entries about deleted entries. How much effort you had put into a deleted entry is not an issue. Send an email instead.

Judgement on whether an entry breaks a rule will be decided by the community (via flags), and the reasonable judgement of the administration. Whether an entry is deletion/ban worthy will be decided by the administration.
If your entry breaks a rule, it will probably be deleted. If you do it too many times, you're looking at a possible ban (depending on the severity of the offense, of course).

If you're confused about what is or isn't against the rules, feel free to email tewi @ unowen.net about it.

If you see anyone breaking these terms, *please* flag the entry, or send an email to tewi @ unowen.net with the location of the offending entry.

NO ONE WILL KNOW IF YOU FLAG AN ENTRY. Flag entries if you think an administrator should look at it.

Other than that, happy posting!

By following these rules, you can help ensure a brighter tomorrow.