Temporarily very basic help file

First: Make sure you have the latest version of flash. You can download it here.

How to use:
Drawing: There are several quick colors and a color picker where you can choose more colors, as well as a line thickness selector.
Press Ctrl-Z to undo if you don't want to use the button.
You can zoom by right clicking on the canvas and selecting "zoom in".

Adding entry - While logged in, you can add an entry clicking on the "Add new entry" link on the index or your control panel.
Deleting entry - You can see a list of and delete entries by going to your control panel and clicking the "Your entries" link.
Adding comment - While logged in, go to any entry and draw on the comment canvas below the entry.
Deleting comment - You can delete comments you have made by going to your control panel and clicking the "Your comments" link.
You can also delete comments that others have made on your entries by clicking the "del" link below the comment on your entry page.
Profile/About me pictures - These can be edited in the control panel by clicking the pictures or by clicking the "edit profile info" link.
Eventually this page will also have email notification options, etc.

Setting tags: After you create an entry, you can set a tag for it. If you cannot find any tags that fit your entry, you can make your own. Keep in mind that if your tag obviously does not fit your entry, the administration may change it so that it is more appropriate, as it makes it easier for tag sorting.

Use this: to flag entries as offensive, spam, junk, against the rules, etc. If you're not sure, just click it anyway. It helps the administration out a lot.

That's really about it. If you have any questions or run into any problems, please email me at tewi(at)unowen.net.

Update (11/18/08):
Notes about save -
To save an in-progress entry, click the save button from the add new entry page.
When editing a previously saved image, the image you're editing needs to be the latest saved version to save again. (this won't be an issue if you don't open multiple instances of the edit saved entry page)
When submitting a previously saved image, note that the latest saved image will be submitted, so any unsaved changes will be lost.
Use at your own risk, take screenshots, etc.; you never know when the internet might break.