(Temporarily very basic) Frequently Asked Questions (or statements that can be interpreted as questions):

Q: What's the diffence between Main/Groups/LCC?
A: Main: Where most normal entries go. You can set image tags. You might want to keep sketches/doodles/scraps in LCC.
Groups: Group/RP/meme entries go here. You can set group tags.
LCC: Post whatever you want here, I guess (as long as it's within the rules, IE no work-unsafe entries). You can't set image tags, though.

Q: How do I set a background?
A: Control panel > manage entries > click "bg" for the entry you want to set as your background (this requires that you have at least one entry). You can clear your background by clicking "clear blog background" in your control panel.

Q: The toolbar is all blinky and weird and there's error messages everywhere!
A: Update to the latest version of Flash, located here, then restart your browser.

Q: The line "sticks" for a second when I try to draw a line using my tablet with Vista.
A: Go to control panel > pen and input devices > select "press and hold" and click settings > disable "press and hold for right click".

Q: I forgot my password!
A: Go here.

Q: I accidentally flagged an inoffensive/non-junk/non-spam entry!
A: That's fine, but don't do it too many times, please. But please do flag all offensive/junk/spam/rulebreaking entries, even when in doubt.

Q: I don't have a tablet! (Not really a question/concern but it comes up often)
A: A lot of people don't have tablets, but they manage just fine. Also, you can purchase one through the link on the sidebar.